Lemon Kisses

Lemon kisses is more of mismatched misses.

Going back to youthful dances and toddler scribbles, we note a lot of peculiar things in motion. Things we often ignore and tag, unimportant or more importantly, gross.

The truth is those unimportant things are actually important for it helps to shape the next years. The adult saplings.

As a toddler, we often do things on impulse and rely on the instincts and without careful leadings, we grow those acts into a hurricane.

All these speech, is to set the pace for the story I’m about to tell and how lgbtq🌈 aren’t completely wrong about their claims that they knew about their sexuality from their young age.

What I’m about to say is controversial but when you look deeply, you see I’m not a delusional writer.

She was in between 9 and 10. In my book, she would be a tethering lad. All her life, she had tried to be unscrupulous. She practically followed the rules and stuck by those rules but there would be something that would rattle her.

That something is lemon kisses. She was about entering into the high school having nailed all the needed exams. She was high on anxiety and excitement. A dangerous combination.

To pull her mind out of the whole rush, her bestfriend decided to stage a drama. They’ve done it before, countless times. But she had the urge not to do it. Why?

She has been secretly crushing on her bestfriend. This friend of hers, is a girl. Their drama were too sexual. Always about some romantic plot that will be acted like it’s so real and done in secret too. When none were watching.

How could she tell her friend she wants out? No, she wouldn’t. She would just stick it out. And stick it out, she did until her lips went smack on her bestfriend’s which resulted in a tongue induced session and occasional sessions after that day.

At a point, she had to stop. She felt weird. Like what she was doing was wrong but she couldn’t stop the feelings that engulfed her when she thought of her friend and now it was gaining into a network.

A chain of like for the same sex. A chain of like that she could grow or push backwards or snuff out completely. It was all in her sight. She only needs to move in the direction she wanted to go.

But she was young. She was now in high school. Bestfriend and her estranged but her increasing lust persistent. As with all things, it was exciting to do something that’s shunned. If you’re young, you would understand the feeling.

Most actually follow the
feeling till adulthood. It
messes with them and they
don’t know to balance the
emotions with reality. They
feel like they’re flowing but
they are not.

She would find that those feelings could easily define her. She could either give her self a name^bisexual or she would destroy the feelings that grew in her.

That’s the whole point I was trying to make. She had so much work to do. With being guilt ridden and trying to make the most of her time, she fell into uncertainty.

At a point, she said let hell break loose. I’m going to have so much fun.

But it started getting wonky and she knew it was time to take a stand. And she did, she decided against being a bisexual.

Now, we’ve come to an end of her story. Look, if you’re confused, look deeply and take a decision. Don’t encourage that habit or it grows. You’ve a part to play. I get, prayer is the master key but if you’re feeding that part of your life continuously, prayer won’t help you.

You are your own helper. You know exactly what you’re aiming for. You know why you do what you do. You know the secrets and the things that keeps you awake. Everyone has lemon kisses, suffice to say. The point is, how do you stop them from making a mark in your life.

If your actions pull you back instead of forward, they are mismatched misses. Like the character in the story, she suffered incessantly when she didn’t have to. A wrong move can shatter instead of build but if you watch it consistently and do nothing, you’re building a cave for yourself.

The end.


Caged Without Cuffs

Caged without cuffs

A real life story of a young girl who wanted to be accepted among her peers but didn’t know how and was too scared to make a move.

I know this may sound like timidity but that wasn’t the case for she had a problem. That problem was partial deafness.

I believe we have a bit of awareness on partial deafness. The intense feeling that comes with it is crippling and only the willful can survive.

She could be in a spot and all is thirsty for her attention but she can’t hear as fast as possible. She says, ‘eh, eh’ one, two many times. Sometimes she would pretend to hear, so they’d live her alone to wallow in sadness.

She doesn’t get how come she hears them at a distance but when they focus on her, it’s all a blur. This causes her to think and think. Most times, she feels it’s her fault.

But is it?


Every action or words from her peers feels like a personal affront. Like they are bullying her or making jest of her. She is simply caged without her knowing.

This makes her not to mingle with her classmates or when forced to join a group, she would sit and sulk. Not participating in any activities.

If you’ve noticed, I’m not calling names. I don’t want much attention to be on her. The purpose of the story is to create awareness between teens and adults.

Back to the story, Her resolve to stay ALOOF lasted for only too long. There’s no such thing as being aloof to the happenings that goes on around you because you’re there and you’re not a piece of firewood. You will surely know no matter how you act like you don’t.

By the time she got to SS3, she realized she hadn’t enjoyed school at all. Yes, she loved school because of homework and the knowledge she would go home with but that was where it ended. Who could she point that she’d developed a good friendship with? None. What would she say she has contributed to the school? Nothing. Why? Because she spent her time sulking instead of living.

She didn’t have an award for anything. There was nothing to show for it. Yes, she was smart but what good was it? These thought went round her head and she just couldn’t see herself moving forward. She felt stuffed.

Graduation came and went. But yet her partial deafness and weariness persisted. She wanted to fly. To be better but didn’t know how and didn’t ask too.

Until, it cost her so much. Her confidence, her growth and her joy. She had to do something and it has to be done quickly.

Like I said, it cost her a lot. I believe it would have been easy to give up at this point. Many would have. After all, what would be there to live for? Her self worth was zero.

Her partial deafness seemed to have gotten worse than before. Her family were also at a loss on what to do with her. But as LUCK would have it, the invention of hearing aids was available.

She was ecstatic to use it but there was a clause. It used batteries and to hear in a loud environment was a long mile with the sounds coming in at once.

It came to her that she needed to reevaluate her life. She was pretty much living a life that was static and horrific and this needed to stop.

She took a week off. Closed off on everyone and went on her knees in prayers and stuck her eyes to Her bible. That was the beginning of a new journey.

Yes, the next few years, wouldn’t be so thrilling but she had a renewed mindset. The mind is everything. She was realistic as she was positive. Yes, I’m partially deaf but no, it doesn’t define me. She will go on to live life to the fullest.

The End.


My Tale Etched In Gold

To open my brand
I’d like to tell you the story of my early beginnings
It’s a story that makes me proud, yet humble me all at once
For it’s as pure as pure water

Listen deeply to what I say
For I speak the word of the aged in the world of the stampede
They may not be spirit to you
But what they carry is in symphony with the spirit

When I started off my writing career, it was simply as a compliance
It was more of a lack of choice than anything else, though I was excited about it
How do I mean?

I was called as a writer by the leading of the Spirit
If you’re a Christian or highly religious, it wouldn’t look austere to you
Rather it will look grandiose and proper
That’s the same way I took it and lauded it

Wasn’t it something to be happy about? I thought it was and I still do
I set out my tools on the table
Sharpening it until it made a dent
I wanted to make a mark

And I would do so in the most spectacular way that would be stuck in time
It was that kind of single-minded desire that youths had when they start up the new
It was beautiful while a bit binding

At the time I found solace with Wattpad
There was something about the app that spurred you on and I had to lick all the grapes it offered

Did it actually work like that?
I wouldn’t be so sure. There is no limit to its verbosity so it can’t be tamed just like that
This, of course, made it more alluring
But tussled me for a time, a millisecond

Somewhere along the line
I’d completed my first work – A real book was now in my grasp
I thought of my endless toils
The poisonous and positive critics that almost doused me in panic

Yet, somehow I stood strong and tall
Like an immovable sculpture
I may be that strong a woman
Yet, I know that I’m a actually a strong being created for the storm

I’ve had bad days
Days I’d soaked my pillow with unshed tears
Which steamed from lack of sales and followers
But over time, I’ve learnt to look forward to better days

I wouldn’t think that optimism is half baked
Because with it I’ve learnt to better my craft and personality for the morrow
Nothing good comes easy
But yet, never think suffering is cut out for you-you can and will be better and brighter.


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